Show #6: Juggling: Attempting the Work-Life Balance

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juggleWork Life. Personal Life. Skills. Hobbies. Friends. Family. How do we juggle it all? Or do we? Randye, Nicky and Diana talk about striving for balance in this special “Just Us” Episode. Every six weeks, we go it alone, just the three of us sans guest. Like having coffee with friends!

Some tips we shared:(lots more in the podcast)

  • It’s not easy! It’s a continuous process. Try balancing on one leg and you’ll see what we mean!
  • Working at home? Separate Workspace from Living Space
  • Remember to take care of yourself too. Have something to look forward to, even if it’s just a cup of tea after the kids are in bed
  • Diana: remember that everyone else struggles with this too – cut yourself some slack!
  • Randye: Prioritize, Compartmentalize, Schedule…and do your best. Forgive yourself.
  • Nicky: “Never, never never give up!” Winston Churchill



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