Show #9: Love, Medicine, and Miracles, w/Bernie Siegel

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Bernie's 12th Book

Bernie’s 12th Book

Our special guest for this show is Dr. Bernie Seigel. Bernie  has touchedmany lives all over the planet. In 1978 he reached a national and international audience when he began talking about patient empowerment. In his latest book ( his 12th ) “A Book of Miracles- Inspiring True Stories of Healing , Gratitude, and Love.” Dr. Seigel reaffirms his original beliefs, who advices more LOVE as a path to healing, and with a lifetime’s wisdom and experience, he trusts in miracles more than ever,


Trio’s Tips:
Diana-Forgiveness is Love, un-forgiveness is hate. Forgive the wrongs done by others to you, and perhaps others will forgive you for your wrongs.

Nicky– Healing comes from having faith and love in your heart.

Randye– Sometimes the only thing left to change about a situation is your reaction to it, and your thoughts about it.

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