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Our Shows So Far, in reverse chronological order:

These are available as podcasts on Podomatic (follow us to be informed of new episodes), and iTunes (podcast store, search for “The Life Talk Show”)

 and you can also listen to each show on our blog page.

Here are more details about each show’s guests and resources/links)



Show #42: Happier Made Simple: Choose Your Words, Change Your Life

Learning how to be happier each day, in small moments that add up to more energy and love to serve your purpose and reach your goals – without all the complicated theory. The secret? the words you choose when you react to life’s ups and downs. Diana and Nicky interview Randye about her new book, and add their own wisdom.

Show#41: Build Your Business on a Social Media Shoestring!

Dreamed of running a successful business from home? Dori DeCarlo, Proud Mompreneur making a difference with our clear Safety Bags, and The Word of Mom Media Network, shares her marketing secrets!

Show #40: Better Sleep, Better Life – Breathe Right!

Breathing. Seems simple, right? Yet you may be doing it all wrong…and suffering the consequences. Guests Tara Clancy and Jennifer Rodrigues, specialists on mindfulness and breathing, will teach secrets to better sleep, greater health, and more mindful life

Show #39: Life Is What You Make It : Lemons to Limoncello!

Life throws a lot at us. Do you wallow in despair or turn it around and thrive? Here are some some tips to get past the crisis, out of the funk, and make limoncello from those lemons! A “just us” show with Randye, Nicky and Diana.

Show #38: End of Life – Questions or Answers? How to Prepare

Randye, Nicky and Diana ask:

How prepared are you – and your loved ones – for the inevitable end of your life? From where you hide the spare keys to financial questions not covered in your will, how to start the process now to allow comfort later?

Guests Patti Urban and Lynn McPhelimy to help us shed light and start the conversation to a very necessary, yet not often talked about subject: the End of Life. Learn how to put your house in order from the physical to the financial, and find resources for End of Life care.

SHOW #37: Blue Zones Lessons in Longevity

Jim, Nicky and Diana talk with Guest  Dr. Michele Suhie– is the medical laboratory scientist and coordinator of the Geriatric Health and Wellness Program at Sacred Heart University. Dr. Suhie teaches courses at SHU in aging, health and disease

Show #36 -MondayMorningMotivator

Guest Gail Blanke returns to talk with us about “The Monday Morning Motivator”
How GOOD could you make it?” with Nicky, Diana and new host Jim Masters.

Show #35 -Self-Talk to Self-Love

How do you talk to yourself? Do your words lead to self-love, or self-doubt (or worse)? Join Nicky, Diana and newest member Jim Masters in this “Just Us” Episode of the Life Talk Show, and learn to keep it Positive!

Show #34Empowering Women and Girls

For Women’s Month,  speak with two women who work to empower others in Connecticut – through the Mercy Learning Center in Bridgeport and My Sister’s Place in Hartford. Amazing stories of support, empowerment –  and triumph that continues to pay it forward to further empower families and communities.

Show #33Recalculating Your Life

When you go down a different road than you planned, either by choice or due to circumstance, what do you have to do? Like the voice on your GPS says: “Recalculating…” How do we do it? Randye, Nicky and Diana share stories and tips.

Show #32Addicted: Could It Happen to You – or Your Family?

Addiction remains the subject of much debate, research, and conflicting theories – one thing, however, remains true: it can be tragic, and we need both information and hope.

Randye, Nicky and Diana talk with Marie, mother of a daughter currently (again) in rehab for heroin addiction – and two experts who work to understand addiction and find a way to help.

Dr. Carlton Erickson- a research scientist, has been studying the effects of alcohol on the brain for over 45 years.
Author: “The Science of Addiction: from Neurobiology to Treatment”, and Co-author: “Drugs, The Brain, and Behavior”

Dr. Marina Picciotto is the Charles B.G. Murphy Professor of Psychiatry and professor of Neurobiology and Pharmacology at Yale University.

Show #31 – –The Healing Power of Music, with guest Peter Yarrow

 Peter Yarrow of the beloved trio- Peter, Paul & Mary talks with us about how the power of music can bring about both healing and social change.

Show #30:Why “Throw out 50 Things”? – 

Randye, Nicky and Diana welcome guest Gail Blanke, author of “Throw out Fifty things- Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life.” Gail is also a life coach and creator of, where she teaches you to thrive on change. Clear old the old items and ideas that no longer work for you – and get inspired!

Show #29:   Last Will and…Embezzlement?: Protecting Your Family’s Future 

Start the conversation in your family about YOUR Last Will and Testament.
And, families – keep an eye out for those who will ingratiate themselves to the elderly and exploit their kindness by embezzling from estates. We talk with our guests on the importance of taking care of these matters early on, before death,and the consequences if we don’t. Our guests: Pamela Glasner, producer of acclaimed documentary “Last Will and Embezzlement”, and Connecticut Probate Judge Daniel J. Caruso.

SHOW #28 –  Bouncing Back Bolder: From Setbacks to Success – 

We all face challenges in life, and obstacles on the road to success. If “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,” how can we help ourselves to bounce back from setbacks and use new strengths to move forward?

Dr. Susan O’ Malley was a college drop out at age 18, worked as a secretary for ten years before transforming herself into a physician at 39,enterprenuer at 50, a public speaker and soon to be author at 61!

She says, “if I can become a doctor, you can do anything!” Join us as well all share our secrets for resilience and courage.

SHOW #27Finding Your Path in The New Year

Helping you find your path in 2014, Randye Nicky and Diana chat with guest Lionel Ketchian, author of “Food For Thought” and founder of the Happiness Club

“Happiness is an inner state of well-being that enables you to profit from your highest thoughts, intelligence, wisdom, awareness, common sense, emotions, health, and spiritual values.” – Lionel Ketchian

SHOW #26 –The Holiday Season – Celebrate it All! – a “just us” episode

SHOW #25 – Remodeling on a Shoe-String

Guests: Diana Hall – veteran school teacher and proud owner of Interiors by Diana an interior design firm that services Southern Connecticut. and…

Lurrae Lupone- is also a veteran school teacher and a certified Feng Shui Consultant. Lurrae has been our guest in the past on our show- Beauty in Our Surroundings! Lurrae coaches you through life cycle challenges toward your goals and dreams using sacred space of your home as template to create the change you desire.

SHOW #24:   How to  Have a Green Clean Home

Guests: Trigona Mililli- is the Director of Custodial Services & Moves at  Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut. She manages the Campus Custodial Operations and has been with SHU for 6 years.

Nicky Tomboulides-is the owner of Penguin’s Best Housekeeping Service, LLC an upscale housekeeping service since 1994. Since its inception Penguin’s Best practiced Green Clean. Nicky teaches Green Clean Classes to various organizations, schools and agencies. She is the author of the Children’s book Dirt, Dirt Go Away, and a blogger for Project Life.

Books Mentioned:

  • Speed Cleaning by Jeff Campbell
  • Haley’s Cleaning Hints by Graham & Rosemary Haley
  • Dirt, Dirt Go Away! by Nicky Tomboulides – watch for publication date!


Dr. Joyce Saltman- is a professor of Special Education at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven. She received her PhD from Columbia University on “Humor in Adult Learning” and holds four graduate degrees in the fields of Special Education and Counseling.

Joyce innovative teaching style has led to the development of a graduate course titled-The Enhancement of Learning Through Humor. As well as a summer institute called- Healing, Education, Laughter and Play (HELP). Since 1983 Joyce has been lecturing on laugher. Her dynamic seminars and articles are always peppered with humor! Joyce has written the following books: “Sing a Celebration”, “I am Changing the Locks and Cementing the Windows”, and co-edited the book – “Thin Threads: True Life Stories of Teachers and Mentors”.

SHOW #22: Psychology of Ads: “Do I Really Need That?”

SHOW #21:  Boss Ladies: Running Your Own Business

SHOW #20:  Siblings: Friends For Life?

Brothers, sisters…they shape our lives forever, whether we like it or not. We talk about rivalry, birth order, step-families, and how things can change – or maybe not – once we are adults. Guests are Trevor Crow, author of “Forging Healthy Connections”, and Dr. Kevin Leman, author of the classic “Birth Order Book” and more.


How do you express yourself? For our guests, ART is the medium – but it’s their stories that will inspire you the most. Urban Art, Graffiti Art, a new method called Pastac, Nature, Black and White vs. Color….but you’ll also hear how our guests’ lives were changed forever by their artistic expression – and how they are helping others.

SHOW #18:  Movie Therapy: Films that Change Our Lives

Yes, “cinema therapy” is a real thing! In this “just us” segment, we each share our top five movies and how they made a difference in our lives. What are yours?


We all experience loss – of relationships, jobs, friendships. But when that loss involves the death of a loved one, the process requires special attention.

Our guests are Armen Bacon and Nancy Miller, authors of Griefland, a book that has offered support, comfort and advice to many who have experienced the unthinkable: the loss of a child.

Then, our wonderful guest – Mara Brosler – from Connecticut Hospice, talks about the process of death and dying – and those are two different things. Enjoy this insightful show.


Don’t like what you see in the mirror? Maybe you are influenced by the media, unrealistic expectations, old messages, negative thinking.  We explore the issues, from teens to older, males and females – weight, wrinkles, reality, etc. – with guest Ilise Gold,  (Ilise Gold Life Management LLC) – learn to love your body again!

We also interview a man who lost 80 pounds – and has kept it off – about how it changed his confidence.


with Nana Danso, award-winning speaker,author of Real Magic: Breaking Through the Illusion of Success

Nana is also an award winning speaker – with, of course, magic included! Check out his website


Ronnie Ann Ryan- MBA, CCC, is an internationally-known Dating Coach, a workshop leader and author. Ronnie has appeared at the Long Wharf Theater, and has been interviewed by BBC radio, FOX and ABC News, NPR, eHarmony, Huffington Post among other media in the US, UK, and Australia

Ronnie at


MANifesting Mr. Right, and Why Can’t I Find Love? -Both by Ronnie Ann Ryan


Why are fairy tales so important? And other burning questions about “Educating the Whole Child” – episode 13 of The Life Talk Show. Many say that our children do not graduate prepared to truly succeed in the world. Are schools too focused on mere academics, always “teaching to the test”?


“Reading brings us unknown friends.” — Honoré de Balzac

Fiction, non-fiction….philosophy, self-help…what books have changed your life? Randye, Nicky and Diana share a few in this special “just us” segment.


We talked about the issues of preparing for this stage of life, caregiving, and prevention of theft and scam through awareness. Thanks to our guests in this important show: we learned a lot!!

by the way, the FBI has a great page for info on scams and fraud. As our guests reminded us, “awareness is key.” Check it out!


Guests: Michel Nischan- chef, cookbook author and a proponent of healthy sustainable and culturally significant food and social cause, has teamed up with like-minded actor and philanthropist Paul Newman to open “The Dressing Room-Newman’s Own” a homegrown restaurant located on the grounds of Westport’s Country Playhouse.

Glen Colello – co-owner with Lisa Storch of Catch a Healthy Habit Café in Fairfield, Connecticut. The Café serves Raw Food, Juice Bar and Smoothies.

Books Mentioned – ALL by Michel Nischan



SHOW #9: LOVE, MEDICINE & MIRACLES – with Dr. Bernie Siegel, guest –

BOOKS MENTIONED – ALL by Dr. Bernie Seigel





 SHOW #8:  THE COMMONALITY OF FAITH – with so many focusing on differences in religious beliefs, what do we all have in common? What if we focus on that?

Dr. Brian Stiltner- is the Chairperson and Associate Professor of Department of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies at Sacred Heart University. Dr. Stiltner has a Bachelors of Arts in Religious Studies and Classics from John Caroll University, Masters in Religion from Yale Divinity School , and

Doctorate from Yale University. Dr. Stiltner is the author, of Religion and the Common Good: Catholic Contributions to Building Community in a Liberal Society; coauthored, of Faith and Force: A Christian Debate about War; and coeditor, of Can Muslims and Christians resolve their Religious and Social Conflicts? He is working on a new book titled- The Social Virtues: Why the Ancient Ethics of Character is Essential for Fixing Modern Society’s Most Pressing Problems.


  • IN A LIBERAL SOCIETY by Dr. Brian Stiltner
  • THE RELIGIONS OF MAN by Huston Smith


SHOW #7: THE POWER OF PURPOSE – if the goal is usefulness, not happiness, how can you find and work with your purpose?

Tina Banas  Tina is the Manager of the Family Reentry Champions Mentoring Program, serving vulnerable children and youth. She provides direct support services to clients and works closely with volunteer mentors and community providers. As manager for Champions, she collaborates with the Governor’s Prevention Partnership and the juvenile Division of CT Court Support Services.

 Daee McKnight-is a motivational speaker and Community Activist.  Daee is the Reentry Coordinator for the Family Reentry Fresh Start Program based in Bridgeport.  He facilitatespre-release groups for offenders at Correctional Institution in Connecticut preparing them forsuccessful reentry. Daee received many awards among them Humanitarian of the year award in 2011 from the Matt Jones Foundation.  Daee facilitates a 2 hour seminar on innovative reentry at Wesleyan University entitled “ Long Road Home.” Daee is a former offender who spend 17 ½ years on  25 year sentence.   



SHOW #6: JUGGLING: THE WORK LIFE BALANCE – a special “Just Us” show! – Randye, Nicky and Diana talk about the need for balance, and tips to manage it all.

BOOKS  MENTIONED- LEAN IN  by Sheryl Sandberg

Randye Kaye– is a broadcaster, voice talent, author/speaker and actress.

She was the morning show personality on STARR 99.9 FM and she can be heard now filling in on

NPR affiliate WSHU.  She is a noted voice actor for clients such as Verizon, NBC, Priceline.

Randye  attended and graduated SUNY Albany with a BA. She sings to benefit worthy causes and is firmly committed to the education of our children,taught drama K-8  for 11 years.

Randye’s memoir “Ben Behind His Voices: One Family’s Journey from Chaos to Hope”

is a must read. She also blogs and speaks about Happiness at Happier Made Simple: Straight Talk for Successful Living –which is turning into her second book.

Diana Hall-is an educator and an entrepreneur. She received her Bachelors of Science

in Visual Merchandising and Masters of Arts in Education from Sacred Heart University.

Diana is Connecticut Certified Educator that taught middle school for 22 years.

She is the proud owner of Gracious Interiors by Diana, LLC . A design firm specializing

in commercial and residential renovation and design.

Nicky P.E. Tomboulides– is an entrepreneur, blogger, author and speaker.  She received her Bachelors

of Science in Economics and Masters of Business Administration in Marketing from  Sacred Heart University.  She is the owner of Penguin’s Best Housekeeping Service, LLC  an upscale residential and

commercial housekeeping service since 1994. Nicky teaches Life Skill classes to corporations,

government agencies and schools.  Her warm and funny children’s book  Dirt,Dirt Go Away!

is to be published summer of 2013.


 SHOW #5 – aired 6/22/13 – “CRITICAL THINKING” -knowing how we think and solve problems, can help children learn and seniors to keep mentally sharp – Katayoun Kamyab, certified teacher of “Brain Gym”, and Dr. David Martin, author of “Thinking Academy”


SHOW #4: HAPPINESS NOW – secrets to staying present and grateful in your life – guest Paul Epstein, ND

Dr. Paul Epstein is a naturopathic physician, meditation teacher, speaker, and holistic therapist. As a practitioner Dr. Epstein combines an integrative mind-body approach with mindfulness-based psychotherapy that focuses on guiding each patient on his or her healing journey and spiritual path.  He works with patients and mentors health professionals in his private practice in Westport, Connecticut. ,

Email address-


  • YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE  by Louise L. Hay
  • GOAL FREE LIVING  by Stephen M. Shapiro


SHOW #3- airdate 6/8/13 – “BEAUTY IN OUR SURROUNDINGS” – Feng Shui, Organization, Decor – guests, Susan Lovallo professional organizer and Lurrae Lupone,feng shui consultant

Guest-Lurrae Lupone, MEd

Lurrae , is a certified Feng Shui Consultant for home and business since 1996.

She is also a Licensed Realtor, Licensed Massage Therapist, Group and Individual Counselor and a veteran Elementary School teacher. She is a candidate for CIPP( Certificate in Positive Psychology) Harvard Prof. Has a Masters of Education in Counseling & Guidance.  And a Bachelors of Arts in Education and Psychology.

Email address-

Susan Lovallo is a Certified Public Acountant, Certified Professional Organizer, Public Speaker and the owner of Clutter Solutions, LLC.  Susan works with Businesses, individuals and families to organize living and office spaces, time, and finances.  She counsels clients on de-cluttering and organizing, advises business  owners on  effective systems for accounting, record keeping and trains on QuickBooks.

Email address-   


  • To be published summer 2013- DESIGNING A HAPPIER LIFE with your Feng Shui Consultation Guidebook by Lurrae Lupone, MEd
  • To be published summer  2013   DIRT, DIRT GO AWAY!  by Nicky Tomboulides
  • IT’S ALL TOO MUCH  by Peter Walsh
  • CLUTTER SOLUTIONS by Jeff Cambell


SHOW #2: MENTAL ILLNESS: A FAMILY AFFAIR – symptoms, treatment, recovery, stigma, help – guest Judy Gardner of NAMI Fairfield CT

Guest- Judy Gardner

Judy was the President of NAMI  Fairfield (National Alliance on Mental Illness). She  is a family member of a loved one living with mental illness and has been the president of NAMI Fairfield for the past 4 years. In this position she has established the Annual Legislative Social held in Fairfield to promote advocacy for legislative issues that affect people living with mental illness and their families. The Fairfield NAMI affiliate offers a monthly Speaker meeting, a monthly support group, a bimonthly book club in partnership with the Fairfield Public Library, and its currently sponsoring its first Annual Essay Contest to help combat the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Email address-



SHOW #1: THE VALUE OF HUMAN CONNECTION – in this age of twitter, why we still need to connect face-to-face

Guest- Michele Pace Hofbauer is a veteran teacher with a B.S. and M.S. in Special Education. Her books and artwork are found in thousands of children’s rooms across the country and abroad.  Her books:

  • Couldn’t We Make a Difference by Michele Pace Hofbauer
  • All the Letters by Michele Pace Hofbauer
  • The Bug and the Slug in the Rug written by Steve Allen
  • Dirt,Dirt Go Away!  written by Nicky Tomboulides,

also mentioned:  WHO MOVED MY CHEESE   by S. Johnson and K. Blanchard


PILOT SHOW: “TRANSFORMATION”- recorded live at The Happiness Club in Fairfield, CT, with guest panelists Lionel Ketchian and Katayoun Kamyab

Guest- Michele Pace Hofbauer

Michele  is a veteran teacher with a B.S. and M.S. in Special Education. Her books and artwork are found in thousands of children’s rooms across the country and abroad.  He books; “Couldn’t We Make a Difference”, “ All the Letters”, “The Bug and the Slug in the Rug”,  written by Steve Allen

“Dirt,Dirt Go Away! ” written by Nicky Tomboulides,

Email address- mishp53 at    Telephone    1-203-261-4621



                                           WHO MOVED MY CHEESE   by S. Johnson and K. Blanchard

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