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More Show Topics We’re Exploring:

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Aging Shamelessly: Getting Over Getting Older and Finding Pride

“It’s A Wonderful Life” – Movies that Inspire Positive Attitude

I’m not Buying That! – Resisting the Power of Ads

Open Your Eyes: Getting a New Perspective

Eat This Not That – Why do we crave the junk foods?

What’s a Life Coach and do you need one?

People Mapping

Going with the Flow – what if it’s a Flood?

Conflict Management in Relationships

It takes an unexpected village: Parenting when you’re not a parent

Toss and Dare – Knowing Why to DeClutter

Beautiful Blue Collar – The “lost” trades we still need

Abandonment – What Does it do to us?

Have we Lost the Art of Patience? – our brains on social media

It’s All Too Much – too much material stuff?

Possibility Overload – too many choices?

Meaning/Purpose in Life

Presence – Being in the Moment

Your lovely limits: Improv Rules applied to life

What if I’m Wrong? Giving Up Control



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