Show #13 – Educating the Whole Child

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Many say that our children do not graduate prepared to truly succeed in the world. Are schools too focused on mere academics, always “teaching to the test”?

How can our children’s education change so that they experience more skills like problem solving, personal communication, empathy? Can our schools embrace the ethical, social, and cognitive needs as well?

In this sometime controversial episode of The Life Talk Show, we talked with three guests:

1 – Hans Wilhelm – With over 42 million copies in print, Hans Wilhelm is one of  America’s foremost author/illustrators of children’s books.

Many of his 200 books have been translated into more than thirty languages and have become successful animated  television series that are enjoyed by children all over the world.

“Sharing hope, joy, and confidence with others are the main  reason I create books” says Wilhelm. To learn more:

2 – Theresa Tillinger – Principal of St. Ann Academy in Bridgeport, CT , tells us about how her students helped to build a new school in Kenya, were featured on 60 Minutes, and what they all learned. Here is how her school’s philosophy is to “let students lead.”

3 – Dr. David Martin tell us more about metacognition, and why it’s vital for students to “think about thinking.” More information on his research can be found at the NAFA homepage. His book, Thinking Academy,  describes how any school may become a Thinking Academy, in which all subject matter in the curriculum has an explicit foundation in higher-level Thinking Strategies. Look for it on e-Bay, and soon on Amazon.

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Show #13 – Educating the Whole Child — 3 Comments

  1. Love the show,the opportunity to share,to listen! Amazing
    topics! Amazing guests! Amazing feedback!! We are blessed!! 🙂

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