Show #15: Living Your Magic Life

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Nana's Book

Nana’s Book


Nana, Randye, Diana, Nicky, and Milford Edwards (our producer at WDJZ)

Want your dreams to come true? This simple formula points the way to living your magic life. We talk, laugh and share with Nana Danso, award-winning speaker,author of Real Magic: Breaking Through the Illusion of Success

Nana is also an award winning speaker – with, of course, magic included! Check out his website

After the show, Nana amazed us with some sleight-of hand, too (see picture below)

On a tablet? here is the link: Podcast: Living Your Magic Life

On your computer, just click the arrow to play the show:

The formula spells MAGIC, of course –

Post-show magic!  Nana amazes Nicky

Post-show magic!
Nana amazes Nicky

  • Motivation
  • Aspirations
  • Gifts
  • Inspiration
  • Confidence

Listen to the show to find out how it frames the details that will inspire you to your  magic life.

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