Show #19: Art: Express Yourself, Change Your Life

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How do you express yourself? For our guests, ART is the medium – but it’s their stories that will inspire you the most. Urban Art, Graffiti Art, a new method called Pastac, Nature, Black and White vs. Color….but you’ll also hear how our guests’ lives were changed forever by their artistic expression – and how they are helping others.


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Our Guests:


Jahmane– his career as an Artist began in the form of “Grafitti”, or “Urban Art” and has evolved into a SUGAR-KITTEN-GUM-webwide spectrum of mediums including works on canvas, photography, clothing design, mural painting, screen printing and graphic design.

Through years of training and life experiences as an “Artist of the People”, Jahmane has developed a unique style that combines social awareness, spirituality, mythology and abstract language in way that intrigues all who view his work. His work has been internationally displayed and locally through exhibitions such as Westport Center for the Arts.

freidaFrieda Howling–  Her numerous solo shows include ones held in Munich and Berlin, Germany. Her work graces many private collections in the US and abroad.

“Nature is the primary focus of my work,” says Frieda, “the awesome forces of nature… The artist has the privilege to translate nature’s forms into various moods which will affect the inner and spiritual emotions of the viewer”.


Brendan Loughlin– is Guilford’s artistic Johnny Appleseed. Along the streets, on shop doors and loughlingates and fences bordering the green, he has planted landscapes that sprout everywhere- great ripples of color.

In the book LOUGHLIN written by Jo Montgomery you find a remarkable true story of an extraordinary man, and his ability to rise above abandonment, abuse and poverty to find refuge and peace expressing himself through his art!


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