Show #25: Remodeling on a Shoestring: Ideas and Inspiration from “Project Nicky”

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One of our earliest episodes featured Feng Shui expert Lurrae Lupone and “Clutter Solutions” guru Susan Lovallo (hear that show here). ¬†We were so inspired by this show that Nicky invited Lurrae (and our own resident decor expert Diana) to revamp a room in her apartment greatly in need of a grown-up revamp – but the budget has to stay under $1,000. Here’s the show (click the player below or access the show on Podomatic)

Want to read about it too? Our guest blogger is Lurrae Lupone, author of the new book Designing a Happier Life.

After appearing on The LifeTalk show, Nicky Tombouides invited me to Feng Shui her condo. My process began prior to visiting Nicky’s home to gather details related to

Nicky's bedroom before - twin bed and all

Nicky’s bedroom before – twin bed and all

Nicky’s energetic profile from a Feng Shui perspective. Most relevant was to identify Nicky’s personal energy Trigram based on her birthdate which is a WATER energy. Then I determined from the Five Element Theory Productive Cycle of Fire Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, the colors that would most benefit Nicky in her personal spaces, particularly her bedroom. The energies of Metal, Water and Wood with their related colors of Silver/Gold, Blue and Green became the ideal color palette for Nicky.

My consultation with Nicky began with a Conversation to listen and learn about Nicky, particularly, her goals, aspirations and dreams. Then during Feng Shui Consultation and physical evaluation of the chi flow in her condo, I suggested “cures, remedies and reminders” most reflective of her life aspirations.

Nicky’s bed room was painted a soft green, the focal picture was one that portrayed

Focal Point for Nicky's Energy

Focal Point for Nicky’s Energy

golden (metal energy) sun rays streaming through a tree (wood energy) with a blue (water energy) pillow on the bed. Nicky made great personal progress when she “let go” of the past, and bought a new bed, mattress, bedding, and dresser keeping within the $1000 budget.

A jade plant on a wooded board was placed in her Wealth corner over the small fridge, the water energy supporting the wood energy of the plant. A bookcase and red lamp replaced the fridge in her Relationships corner. A gift of a new flat screen TV atop the new dresser eliminated an older TV. The touches of red in the lamp shade and rug add some Fire energy to keep the spark of her goals for Reputation and Relationships alive. A few details remain to be purchased to support her other dreams for her future goals and career aspirations.

The greatest impact on moving Nicky toward her goals for Prosperity and Abundance

New Dresser

New Dresser

came when Nicky moved her business desk with its desk chair facing a wall was turned on a diagonal so that Nicky’s back was against a solid backing wall while at the same time facing the door now placing her in the commanding position.

Nicky's room, after

Nicky’s room, after

The process of learning more about Nicky’s life and goals, working with Diana Hall, Interiors by Diana, was wonderful and fun. Nicky moved toward her future, and we all became very good friends and admired Nicky’s willingness to open to life and possibilities by starting within her own personal spaces to mirror her intentions.

One may purchase a copy of my book – Designing a 4_-FENGSHUIBOOK_FRONTCOVER-194x300Happier Life, Feng Shui with Lurrae – A Guidebook at It describes my personal process for offering the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui. Diana Hall, Interiors by Diana, also calls it “inspirational.”

Thank you to WDJZ, station manager Milford Edwards, and the Ladies of the LifeTalk Show to inviting me to be part of their own inspirational discussions for all.

Lurrae Lupone
Certified Feng Shui Consultant,
Life Coach and Author

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