Show #27: Finding Your Path in The New Year

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lionel-smilingHappy 2014! Our show is not about “resolutions”, which can be made and broken, but about going along your path. What choices are you making? Are you mapping out part of your journey for the new year? Do your plans involve happiness? forgiveness? love? success?

We talk with guest Lionel Ketchian,  founder of the Happiness Club. It began in Fairfield, Connecticut and now has meetings all over the world.


Lionel Ketchian– Became happy on December 24, 1990. Has been happy since that time and realizes happiness is very important to each of us, and a giant step toward peace in the world. Lionel is the past president of LRK Communications Inc. the author of  “Food For Thought”, was a co-host of “Successful Living” a live radio show on air from 1986- 1993. Also, Lionel taught classes on “Happiness” at Sacred Heart University. He has written, for many years, a column at Fairfield Citizen called “ Be Happy Zone” . And was the co-host of “The Happiness Show” on cablevision in CT.

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