Show #21: Boss Ladies – Running Your Own Business

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Kathy McShane, Ladies Who Launch

Kathy McShane, Ladies Who Launch

Aurora-Natural-BlackwellWhat are the challenges of running your own business? Does being a woman make it more difficult? What are secrets to success? Our guests are Stephanie Blackwell, owner of Aurora Products Inc. – and Mom of four – and Kathy McShane, managing director of Ladies Who Launch in Southwest Connecticut.


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Show #20: Siblings: Friends for Life?

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Brothers, sisters…they shape our lives forever, whether we like it or not. We talk about rivalry, birth order, step-families, and how things can change – or maybe not – once we are adults. Guests are Trevor Crow, author of “Forging Healthy Connections”, and Dr. Kevin Leman, author of the classic “Birth Order Book” and more.


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Dr. Kevin Leman – 

Birth Order 2 Dr. Kevin Leman, an internationally renowned psychologist and New York Times Bestselling Author dr-kevin-lemanof more than 30 books, including the classic Birth Order Book. He provides easy techniques, helpful tips and clear insight that will change the way you look at and resolve the parenting, marriage and relationship issues in your life.

Dr. Leman fills us in on the power of birth order for siblings, and talks about his latest book, Parenting Your Powerful Child.


crowTrevor Crow- is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a certification in Emotionally Focused Therapy. Watch for her upcoming book, Forging Healthy Connections: How Relationships Fight Illness, Aging and Depression.

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Show #19: Art: Express Yourself, Change Your Life

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How do you express yourself? For our guests, ART is the medium – but it’s their stories that will inspire you the most. Urban Art, Graffiti Art, a new method called Pastac, Nature, Black and White vs. Color….but you’ll also hear how our guests’ lives were changed forever by their artistic expression – and how they are helping others.


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Our Guests:


Jahmane– his career as an Artist began in the form of “Grafitti”, or “Urban Art” and has evolved into a SUGAR-KITTEN-GUM-webwide spectrum of mediums including works on canvas, photography, clothing design, mural painting, screen printing and graphic design.

Through years of training and life experiences as an “Artist of the People”, Jahmane has developed a unique style that combines social awareness, spirituality, mythology and abstract language in way that intrigues all who view his work. His work has been internationally displayed and locally through exhibitions such as Westport Center for the Arts.

freidaFrieda Howling–  Her numerous solo shows include ones held in Munich and Berlin, Germany. Her work graces many private collections in the US and abroad.

“Nature is the primary focus of my work,” says Frieda, “the awesome forces of nature… The artist has the privilege to translate nature’s forms into various moods which will affect the inner and spiritual emotions of the viewer”.


Brendan Loughlin– is Guilford’s artistic Johnny Appleseed. Along the streets, on shop doors and loughlingates and fences bordering the green, he has planted landscapes that sprout everywhere- great ripples of color.

In the book LOUGHLIN written by Jo Montgomery you find a remarkable true story of an extraordinary man, and his ability to rise above abandonment, abuse and poverty to find refuge and peace expressing himself through his art!


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Show #18: Movie Therapy: Films That Change Our Lives

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Another "Just Us" Segment

Another “Just Us” Segment

Yes, “cinema therapy” is a real thing! In this “just us” segment, we each share our top five movies and how they made a difference in our lives.


We chose: (Randye) It’s a Wonderful Life, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Cast Away, The Turning Point. Sliding Doors


(Diana) Steel Magnolias, Sound of Music, Titanic, Message in a Bottle, Bridges of Madison County

(Nicky) Sound Of Music, Ghandi, Gone With the Wind, The Color Purple, Mrs. Doubtfire

What are yours?






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Show #17: Nothing Lasts Forever. Grief, Loss and Acceptance

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We all experience loss – of relationships, jobs, friendships. But when that loss involves the death of a loved one, the process requires special attention.

grieflandOur guests are Armen Bacon and Nancy Miller, authors of Griefland, a book that has offered support, comfort and advice to many who have experienced the unthinkable: the loss of a child.

Then, our wonderful guest – Mara Brosler – from Connecticut Hospice, talks about the process of death and dying – and those are two different things. Enjoy this insightful show.

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Show #16: Body Image. Talk Back to the Mirror!

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realistic for all?

Don’t like what you see in the mirror? Maybe you are influenced by the media, unrealistic expectations, old messages, negative thinking.  We explore the issues, from teens to older, males and females – weight, wrinkles, reality, etc. – with guest Ilise Gold,  (Ilise Gold Life Management LLC) – learn to love your body again!

We also interview a man who lost 80 pounds – and has kept it off – about how it changed his confidence.

Some books we mentioned:






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Show #15: Living Your Magic Life

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Nana's Book

Nana’s Book


Nana, Randye, Diana, Nicky, and Milford Edwards (our producer at WDJZ)

Want your dreams to come true? This simple formula points the way to living your magic life. We talk, laugh and share with Nana Danso, award-winning speaker,author of Real Magic: Breaking Through the Illusion of Success

Nana is also an award winning speaker – with, of course, magic included! Check out his website

After the show, Nana amazed us with some sleight-of hand, too (see picture below)

On a tablet? here is the link: Podcast: Living Your Magic Life

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The formula spells MAGIC, of course –

Post-show magic!  Nana amazes Nicky

Post-show magic!
Nana amazes Nicky

  • Motivation
  • Aspirations
  • Gifts
  • Inspiration
  • Confidence

Listen to the show to find out how it frames the details that will inspire you to your  magic life.

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Show #14: Second Chances at Love

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One of Ronnie Ann Ryan's Resources

One of Ronnie Ann Ryan’s Resources

After divorce, loss, or a lifetime of “living single” – can we fall in love RARyanagain? We talk with relationship and dating coach Ronnie Ann Ryan, author of many books and resources including MANifesting Mr. Right about how to find love no matter what your age – and meet a couple who found new love with each other in their senior years.

And, we learn: What is “flirt school”? and other fun tips!

on a mobile device? hear or download the podcast here:

Second Chances at Love: Podcast

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Show #13 – Educating the Whole Child

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Many say that our children do not graduate prepared to truly succeed in the world. Are schools too focused on mere academics, always “teaching to the test”?

How can our children’s education change so that they experience more skills like problem solving, personal communication, empathy? Can our schools embrace the ethical, social, and cognitive needs as well?

In this sometime controversial episode of The Life Talk Show, we talked with three guests:

1 – Hans Wilhelm – With over 42 million copies in print, Hans Wilhelm is one of  America’s foremost author/illustrators of children’s books.

Many of his 200 books have been translated into more than thirty languages and have become successful animated  television series that are enjoyed by children all over the world.

“Sharing hope, joy, and confidence with others are the main  reason I create books” says Wilhelm. To learn more:

2 – Theresa Tillinger – Principal of St. Ann Academy in Bridgeport, CT , tells us about how her students helped to build a new school in Kenya, were featured on 60 Minutes, and what they all learned. Here is how her school’s philosophy is to “let students lead.”

3 – Dr. David Martin tell us more about metacognition, and why it’s vital for students to “think about thinking.” More information on his research can be found at the NAFA homepage. His book, Thinking Academy,  describes how any school may become a Thinking Academy, in which all subject matter in the curriculum has an explicit foundation in higher-level Thinking Strategies. Look for it on e-Bay, and soon on Amazon.

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Show #12: Books that Changed Our Lives

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“Reading brings us unknown friends.” — Honoré de Balzac

Fiction, non-fiction….philosophy, self-help…what books have changed your life? Randye, Nicky and Diana share a few in this special “just us” segment.

The books we discussed (we brought so many more!)

The panel’s favorite books:

  • The Stand- Stephen King
  • Seven Sins for a Life Worth Living – Roger Housden

    4 books

    Randye’s Books

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People– Stephen R. Covey
  • Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day – Judith Viorst

  • The Scarlet Letter – Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • The Four Agreements– Miguel Ruiz
  • The Color of Water- James McBride
  • The Prophet- Khalil Gibran
  • You Can Heal Your Life– Louise Hay
  • The Dance of Anger– Harriet G. Lerner
  • The Seat of The Soul- Gary Zukav
  • The Lord is my Shepherd– Psalm 23

Diana –

  • The Power of Now- Ekhart Tolle
  • Eat This Not That-David Zinczenko
  • Bridges of Madison County– Robert J. Walker
  • The Five Languages of Love– Gary Chapman


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